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Connect with Employees & Customers at 15–75% Savings. Grow Revenue and Profits. Quantum Efficiency Gains of 50–80%.

"It is not the ship as much as the skillful sailing that assures the prosperous voyage." 

George William Curtis

Business Performance Advisory and Management Services


Navigate and Solve Your “Performance Puzzle”

What would happen to your business if you lost half your customers every few years? It happens to more businesses than you might think.


To achieve sustained growth and competitive advantage, EVERY BUSINESS has a unique “PERFORMANCE PUZZLE” to solve.  Solving this puzzle means transforming barriers and opportunities so that frustrations are eliminated, measurable results are achieved, and peace of mind is realized.


We are purpose driven business improvement advisors that help growing and mature companies navigate through and solve their “Performance Puzzle.”  We have invested thousands of hours developing, refining, and delivering a holistic method that:


  • VISUALIZES unseen performance barriers

  • UNCOVERS untouched opportunities

  • FIXES the right puzzle pieces to achieve:

    • More engaged and productive employees, who stay

    • Eliminated inefficiency and waste

    • More effective channel partners

    • More customers who buy more, refer others and stay

    • Timely and effective change


What pieces of your company’s performance puzzle are keeping

you up at night?

Our Passion​​​​

“There is no greater wealth in this world

than peace of mind."



Many businesses needlessly struggle against a sea of frustrations and overwhelm trying to solve their performance challenges.  It pains us to see businesses merely survive or ultimately fail because of it.


Thus, our passion is helping clients get peace of mind by navigating them into the tailwinds of sustained growth and competitive advantage.

Our Value Proposition:

Performance Improvement that Counts

…that Can be Counted


“The wind and the waves are always

on the side of the ablest navigator.”

– Edmund Gibbon


We are able navigators with over 40 years of business improvement experience, serving mid-size to Fortune 50 clients.  We will put you on the fair side of commercial wind and waves with precisely matched expertise that delivers:


Financial Results like:

  • $250 million revenue growth

  • 20,000+ leads generated

  • 56% incremental revenue

  • 5X per dealer sales growth

  • $18 million profit increase

  • 60:1 ROI


Confident Decisions / Faster Speed-to-Market

  • Advanced analytics to transform your data into better informed decisions and market advantage


People Performance

  • Leverage our deep engagement and performance improvement experience across multiple industries to:

    • Unlock the hearts and minds of your employees and channel partners

    • Effectively manage through change caused by organizational transformations like mergers, acquisitions or restructuring


Marketing Performance

  • Fully vet and validate your marketing efforts via our Marketing Performance Measurement Certification by the Chief Marketing Officer Council

  • Data-driven approach delivers right message, to customer/prospect, at right time, at lowest cost


15-75% Savings

  • Avoid overhead other consultants pass on to their clients



  • Unbiased recommendations.  Your goals become our goals



  • We do everything for you or augment your existing resources with select services


Results That Count...That Can Be Counted



Inspire Employee and Customer Behaviors that Grow Your Business

Unlock the hearts and minds of the people who impact your business with proven communications, learning, performance tracking and incentives that result in:


--More satisfied and engaged employees

--Channel partners who enthusiastically sell your products and         services

--Increased customer preference and loyalty

Engagement & Loyalty


Achieve Better Informed Decisions,
Faster Speed-to-Market and Validated Results

Gain competitive advantage with proven advanced analytics and statistical modeling techniques while your competitors struggle with guesswork and costly trial-and-error.


Our deep-dive analytics offering includes:

--Data mining, segmentation, value profiles


--Predictive models


--Ad hoc & ’What if’ analyses


--Optimization analyses to guide best outcomes


--Marketing Performance Measurement certified by the Chief           Marketing Officer Council

Precision Marketing

Deliver right message, to right customer, at right time,
at lowest cost

Seeking to acquire new customers, retain and grow existing customers or reactivate dormant ones?


We integrate deep marketing experience and advanced analytics with print, digital and social media tactics to deliver highly targeted, precise communications to positively influence your customers and prospects through the entire marketing funnel:


 Establish awareness

 Generate interest and intent

 Drive them to buy from you

 Inspire them to refer others

Group Travel &

Event Management

Professionally Executed Experiences...Anywhere in the World

Professionally executed meetings, events and travel experiences inspire affinity and loyalty to your business.


Our travel/event expertise delivers all the necessary elements of a memorable experience for your attendees that will drive strong relationships and loyalty to your business:


--Destination research

--Hotel/supplier negotiations & contracting

--Participant registration and pre-trip services

--Air reservations/ticketing



--Guest speakers​


--Professional on-site staff

The Center for Success

Transform Your Personal and Business Success

Launching 2018


Self-paced Transformative Learning

Online webinars and courses for action minded business leaders who desire accelerated results and enhanced value as contributors and thought leaders in their organization, industry and among their peers.


Short, direct, to- the-point, “How To” ways to achieve greater:

• Employee engagement

• Customer loyalty

• Revenue & profit growth



Results That Count...That Can Be Counted



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