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Why accept anything less than the peace of mind you get with the sustained growth of your business?

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I help B2B companies eliminate barriers

that get in the way.

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"Only 42% of employees know their organization's mission, vision and values."

-Human Capital League


Are your core values, mission and vision clear and unambiguous?

Use this step-by-step guide to find out.

I am Mark James

In my 40+ years working with clients across diverse industries, I have observed these truths about transforming business performance:


  • There are three possible customer experiences; only one is positive

  • Positive customer experiences depend on eliminating barriers that get in the way

  • Removing barriers means unlocking the hearts and minds of the people who live the business every day


If you want your business to be consistently good at delivering “surprise and delight” customer experiences that drive sustainable growth and competitive advantage, let’s talk.  I know what it takes to get you there.


So, why accept anything less than the peace of mind you get with the sustained growth of your business?

With thousands of hours invested in learning, developing and delivering winning performance improvement practices, I know what it takes to unlock hearts and minds and transform organizational performance.

"There is no greater wealth in this world than peace of mind."

I am a business improvement practitioner with over 40 years of experience in workplace performance, distribution channel effectiveness, marketing and measurement.  My hands-on experience has helped midsize to Fortune 50 companies in diverse industries. 

Specifically, I help B2B manufacturers and service companies eliminate these barriers that get in the way of positive customer experiences, sustainable growth and competitive advantage:

  • Low performance or trust

  • Confusion and gridlock

  • Poor communications

  • Ineffective marketing

  • Resistance to change

My passion is helping business leaders navigate into the tailwinds of growth and competitive advantage and achieve peace of mind

That’s why I founded Performance Advisors Group.  To help clients clearly visualize and fix what is preventing that peace of mind.

Why Me?

Many business people needlessly struggle against a sea of frustrations and overwhelm trying to solve their performance challenges.

It pains me to see them merely survive rough business seas, or sink, never realizing peace of mind.

Mark Writing.jpg

Performance Advisors Group is different because I save clients 15-75% by eliminating overhead costs other consulting firms typically charge their clients.

Plus, using reliable measurement, you will not only get results that can be counted, you will get results that count.


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Check out these services designed to deliver sustained growth, competitive advantage and peace of mind.

Transform Workplace & Channel Performance

Unlock hearts and minds of the

people who impact your business

Eliminate activities that add zero value

Transform the customer experience


Successful Change

Get everyone on board for change

Deploy the right plan

Overcome resistance to change

Avoid becoming stuck in

the “swamp of change”

Precision Marketing

Improve knowledge of prospect and customer behavior

Deliver the right message, to right person, at right time, at lowest cost

Go from just knowing what HAS happened to what WILL happen 

Reliably validate results

Transforming Workplace & Channel Performance

To achieve sustained growth and competitive advantage, every business has a unique PERFORMANCE PUZZLE to solve.

Solving this puzzle means unlocking the hearts and minds of the people who live your business every day.


Employees, channel partners and customers know your business better than anyone.  There isn’t enough you can pay anyone else to understand your business the way they do.

That is why I am different.  I do not charge big fees to learn your business, then drop a report on you and leave you to work things out on your own.​

As a purpose driven advisor, I know how to solve the PERFORMANCE PUZZLE, at the root causes, for B2B companies who go to market through distribution partners.


This means I help you know exactly what’s working and what’s not...from the people who live it every day.  Then I work with you to deploy the right tactics to transform people and process performance.


I have invested thousands of hours developing, refining and delivering a holistic method that:


  •       VISUALIZES performance barriers

  •       UNCOVERS opportunities

  •       FIXES performance pieces


Fixing the right performance puzzle pieces drives growth and competitive advantage because:

  • Employees are more engaged, productive and don't leave

  • Processes and operations are more efficient

  • Channel partners are more enthusiastic and effective

  • Customers buy more, refer others and stay

Workplace Performance

Achieving Successful Change

Are any of these happening in your business?


  • Missed opportunities

  • You are spending more than 20% of your time on a problem

  • The business is about to undergo a restructuring, merger or acquisition


Their presence means change is needed or coming.  But, the tendency to resist change often causes companies to remain stuck in the current state, suffering through eroding results.


According to a survey by the Institute for Operational Excellence, members cited resistance to change as the #1 challenge to achieving operational excellence.*

Desired change will not happen by itself.  The business world is littered with failed attempts to change because the need actively manage it was underestimated.


This is the primary reason so many companies become stuck in the “swamp of change.”  Unable to move forward, burning out people and resources in the process.


Organizational change is a journey, not an event.  Performance Advisors Group provides experienced guidance and support  for the journey with a keen focus on four things critical to overcoming resistance and successful change:


Get everyone on-board

Determine what needs to be done differently in terms of what, why, who, how and when.  Identify readiness of and barriers to change.  Helping your leadership team set clear and unambiguous roles, responsibilities and expectations for the change journey

Sound plan

We work with you to design and deploy a customized plan that clearly define roles, responsibilities and expectations, detailed timelines with clearly visible milestones and metrics to track progress and achievements

Effective communications

Most change efforts fail due to poor communication and lack of transparency so, they should never be underestimated.  Take advantage of our deep communications experience to help you: 

  • Deploy frequent, relevant, clear messaging regarding roles, responsibilities, challenges, expectations, progress

  • Acknowledge challenges as well as progress

  • Continuously demonstrate leadership commitment to the change

  • Encourage employee feedback and a mechanism in place to facilitate it

  • Connect employee’s personal goals to the emergent organization’s goals

  • Stay closer than ever to channel partners and customers

Execution excellence

Change must be actively managed.  It won’t happen by itself.  You will receive guidance and support to:

Identify executive sponsors and change champions throughout the company who will “own” the change

  • Actively manage the change plan

  • Provide support tools and enablers such as manager tutorials, learning, recognition, etc.

  • Leverage customer and channel incentives to reinforce their loyalty and counteract competitor temptations

  • Get quick “wins” to demonstrate progress and reinforce commitment to the change

  • Create a sense of urgency, a bias toward action and avoid “paralysis through analysis”

*2018 Global OpEX Trends, Annual Member Survey, Institute for Operational Excellence, April 27, 2018

Change Management

Precision Marketing

Deliver the right message, to right customer/prospect, at right time, at lowest cost with a holistic, data-driven approach that integrates advanced analytics with the appropriate print and digital marketing tactics.


Advanced analytics and statistical modeling eliminate guess work and costly trial-and-error.  These analytics include:

  • Data mining

  • Customer segmentation and value profiles

  • Predictive models

  • Ad hoc & ’What if’ analyses

  • Optimization analyses to guide best outcomes


The evolving nature of the analytics yields ever-increasing understanding of prospect/customer behavior by taking you from simply measuring what HAS happened to highly predictive views of what WILL happen.

The analytics are consistently integrated with the right digital and print marketing tactics, customized to your audience and objectives, to yield high ROI results.


Yes, marketing can be measured!  My Marketing Performance Measurement Certification by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council adds further value by helping you reality-check your marketing plans going-in and reliably validate their results coming out.

In addition to high ROI marketing outcomes, this proven approach to marketing leads to better informed decisions, faster speed-to-market and reliable validation of results.

Precision Marketing


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